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  • Power Adapter SY-PW-A1

    Power Adapter SY-PW-A1
    Power Adapter SY-PW Series is specifically designed for SY series wireless communications tailored to specific levels of industrial communications products, has advantages of stable, reliable performance, when t...

  • RS485 to RS232 SY-COM2

    RS485 to RS232 SY-COM2
    SY-COM2 is RS-232 converter with RS-485 bi-directional interface between the converter, applied between the host computer, microcontroller or external host computer and point to point between the composition, multipoint remote multi-...

  • RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 COM

    RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 COM
    First, performance parameters1, interface properties: interface compatible with EIA / TIA's RS-232C, RS-485/RS-422 standard:2 Electrical Interface: RS-232C Interface DB9 hole connector, RS-485/RS-422 Interface DB9 female type c...

  • RS485 Bus Connector 972-0BB41

    RS485 Bus Connector 972-0BB41
    RS485 bus connector is usually used to connect Profibus station and signal transmission between the Profibus cable with built-in termination resistors.Except for Profibus, MPI can also be used such as PPI and other RS485 bus.RS485 bu...

  • Wireless Antenna SY-ANT-01

    Wireless Antenna SY-ANT-01
    Performance:Temperature: -25 degrees to +60 degrees;Frequency: 2.4GHz;Gain: 1.5DBi, 2.5DBi, 5DBi;Feeder Length: 1.5M, 3M, 5M;Standard connector: SMA;Name Type GainColumnar small antenna SY-ANT-01 1.5DBiColumnar small antenna SY-ANT-0...

  • Wireless Antenna SY-ANT-11

    Wireless Antenna SY-ANT-11
    Features:Temperature: -25 degrees to +60 degrees;Frequency: 433MHz;Gain: 1.5DBi, 2.5DBi, 5DBi;Feeder Length: 1.5M, 3M, 5M;Standard connector: SMA;Name Type GainSmall suction cup antenna SY-ANT-11 1.5DBiSmall suction cup antenna SY-AN..

  • Futurelooks's PLC remote connection system

    Futurelooks's PLC remote connection system
    Futurelooks's SY-3G wireless router, and SY-RSCM remote secure access communication module, the programmable controller can be remote via internet to download programs, online diagnostics and to live real-time video signal acquisitio...

  • FL-WMS-8

    Realtime Remote monitor system FL-WMS-8 is used for the water supply. It is based on the new wireless technology,It can collect and record ,transfer the data from the remote station to the central monitor station.It can be used...

  • S7-1200PLC

    May 18, 2009, Siemens held a new Siemens Center Beijing Small Programmable Controller S7-1200 launch, and since then, this global sales of small programmable controllers officially on sale in China. SIMATIC family members of t...

  • Industrial real-time Ethernet Profinet

    Industrial real-time Ethernet Profinet
    I. Introduction PROFIBUS PROFINET is the international organization (PI) for the automation of the development of the open Industrial Ethernet standard. PROFINET Industrial Ethernet-based, consistent with TCP / IP and IT standards. P...

  • Profibus Field Bus

    Profibus Field Bus
    PROFIBUS is the powerful, open and rugged bus system for process and field communication in cell networks with few stations and for data communication in accordance with IEC 61158/EN 50170. Automation devices such as PLCs, PCs, HMI d

  • S7-200 PLC

    S7-200 PLC
    SIMATIC S7-200 Products CPUsExtensive range of performance-graded S7-200 CPUs Expansion modulesSpecific expansion modules for the most diverse functionalitiesCommunicationCommunication via integral interfaces and additiona...

  • S7-300 PLC

    S7-300 PLC
    SIMATIC S7-300The modular controllers for innovative system solutions in the manufacturing industryThe SIMATIC S7-300 has been designed for innovative system solutions with the focus on manufacturing engineering, and as a unive...

  • S7-400 PLC

    S7-400 PLC
    SIMATIC S7-400 –The Power Controller for system solutions in the manufacturing and process industriesWithin the Controller family, the SIMATIC S7-400 is designed for system solutions in the manufacturing and process automation.The pr...

  • HMI Products

    HMI Products
    SIMATIC HMI Operator interfaces-the right solution for every taskSIMATIC HMI offers the full product family for machine level human machine interfaces from a single source: starting with Push Button Panels right up to pow...

  • InspecSCADAsoftware

    Easy Control (INSPEC) is a common set of monitoring and data acquisition (SCADA) software, also known as human-machine interface (HMI / MMI) software, commonly known as the configuration software. Easy to control with a powe...

  • Inspec WEB SCADA software

    Inspec WEB SCADA software
    Easy Control (INSPEC) is the first to introduce a new generation of configuration software, is the world's first entirely based on. Net platform configuration software, a lot of innovative technology, leading the industry trend. Easy...

  • FL_834

    Power: with a 15VDC, 1A power adapter can be connected to any one end of the LEX and REXLEX and REX Size: 107mm x 84mm x 34mmLEX and REX weight 300 grams, respectively:4-40 degrees C operating temperatureUSB distance extension of the...

  • FL-840

    USB2.0 extender FL-840(RJ45,100M,USB2.0,4 ports)Range100 meters over CAT 5 (or better) stranded or solid conductor cableUSB device supportHigh-speed devices (480 Mb/s) (USB 2.0)Full speed devices (12 Mb/s) (USB 2.0 & 1.1)Lo...

  • FL-839

    USB 2.0 Extender FL-839 is designed with advanced technology, optical fiber extending through the USB signal and isolate the farthest to 40 meters, 20 meters standard Features: Support USB1.1, maximum speed of 12Mbps, low speed devic...

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