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  • Futurelooks industrial remote maintenance center in packaging applications

    Futurelooks industrial remote maintenance ...
    This paper puts forward the establishment of packaging equipment industrial remote maintenance center, packaging equipment manufacturers to provide a management layer and the layer of the device based on the global information management system, this article will focus on the canning production line for example, systematic and detailed el...

  • Futurelooks industrial remote communication in port equipment application

    Futurelooks industrial remote communicatio...
    the application of PLC fieldbus technology, Internet network transmission technology and key completely communication technology, through the Futurelooks automation of industrial remote security communication module SY-RSCM global distribution of port and port equipment manufacturer's technical headquarters, connected to a unified global ...

  • Futurelooks's remote communication in the cast film equipment application

    Futurelooks's remote communication in the ...
    Cast film by melt quenching production cast a stretch, non-directional flat film, divided into single casting and multi-layer co-extruded cast two. Compared with the film, its production is characterized by a fast, high yield, the transparency film, gloss, thickness uniformity superior characteristics: again. Because the cast film is a fl...

  • Rubber and plastic machinery remote diagnosis and maintenance program

    Rubber and plastic machinery remote diagno...
    With the development of industrial technology and market demand, plastics and rubber products has become a necessity for people in daily living. But in the molding process, as the main equipment of rubber and plastics machinery is often work too many parameters, layout dispersion characteristics and is easy to be affected by environmental...

  • Futurelooks security communication module structures of the unattended station system

    Futurelooks security communication module ...
    Pumping station is the water conservancy project 's main facilities, the pumping station facilities for city flood control and drainage and rural water diversion irrigation plays a key role. With the fast development of our economy, the water conservancy facilities and water environment has put forward higher requirements. City flood cont...

  • SiemensTeleservicewithFuturelooks'sSY-RSCMmodule

    Looking for more added-value with your teleservice ?You must know Siemens had supplied teleservice if you used Siemens PLC.

  • Rockwell remote PAC solution with SY-RSCM

    Rockwell remote PAC solution with SY-RSCM
    Futurelooks's remote system support Rockwell's PLC and PAC system to remote access and PLC programning with RSLinx.

  • Futurelooks's general remote application

    Futurelooks's general remote application
    Futurelooks's remote system had been applied in various industrial application,It is not only remote debugging, maintenance and diagnostic facilities, saving substantial cost for customers, and also building in the information, Customers can access a large number of prospective information, so that early warning service, Futurelooks's pr...

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