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Wireless Communication

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  • WirelesscommunicationmoduleSY-WT6

    SY-WT6 series wireless module to provide high stability, high reliability, low cost data transmission, it provides a wealth of peripheral interfaces, with easy installation and maintenance, diffraction and strong, flexible network st...

  • Wireless customized design SY-XXX

    Wireless customized design SY-XXX
    Futurleooks's rich industrial control and wireless communication experience, not only provides a standardized industrial communications products, but also according to the user's specific needs, providing customized hardware and software for industrial wireless solutions, such as customized wireless anti-collision system, non-standard wir...

  • Wireless S7-200 communication SY-S72C

    Wireless S7-200 communication SY-S72C
    SY-S72C is an industrial grade wireless communication portable programming package, dedicated to support the Siemens S7-200 wireless programming, real-time online monitoring procedures, and easily controlled by WinCC or wireless conf...

  • Wireless S7-200 communication SY-S72

    Wireless S7-200 communication SY-S72
    SY-S72 is a program of industrial grade wireless communication module, to support Siemens S7-200 series PLC and PC programming, and wireless d...

  • Wireless I/O module SY-RIO

    Wireless I/O module SY-RIO
    SY-RIO is an industrial grade wireless communication module IO, you can capture and output switching capacity, analog signals, and PC wireless data communication, or through wireless revert to the original volume or the analog signal...

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