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Futurelooks won the "industrial design excellence awards"in Electronic Equipment Expo

August 7, 2013 to 9, Futurelooks participated in the China Electronic Equipment Industry Expo exhibition, tournament for industrial remote communication system equipment, won the "China Electrical Equipment Industrial Design Excellence Award", the system is essential to the third revolution "digital factory" manufacturing industry in the communication layer products and systems.



Futurelooks won the China Electronic Equipment Industrial Design Excellence Awards

Futurelooks participating in China's electronic equipment industry.

Award, honor, certainly, is more of an incentive, incentive tour is the pursuit of excellence, and never stop

The exhibition news:

More than thousands of domestic and foreign electronic equipment enterprises in China “ electronic equipment industry expo ”

In August 7, 2013 the — — 9, with support from the State Ministry of industry, the Shenzhen Municipal People's government, Shenzhen City Economic and Trade Commission, Shenzhen Kechuang Commission and other relevant departments, sponsored by the industry association of Shenzhen City electronic equipment “ 2013 China Electronic Equipment Industry Expo & rdquo; at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Grand opening.

During the three days up to 9 days of the exhibition, the exhibition attracted 3 professional visitors million passengers, which in August 7th more than 13000 people, more than 15000 people in 8 days, 9 days more than 9000 people, a total of more than 110 customers next Expo exhibition site said mister. Exhibitors in 140 won the order, more than 230 received intention customer, more than 240 said to continue to participate in, the satisfaction of 89%. The exhibition has shrunk substantially in the environment, China Electrical Equipment Industry Expo won high appraisal from the industry a new force suddenly rises.

The exposition attracted enterprise electronic equipment manufacturing more than 280 domestic and foreign well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors, including JT, Ji Zhirong, UFJ, KEGG, Shenzhou, anda, new sawatani, Kaitai, Dodson, semipeak optoelectronic, Huazhong CNC, Chutian Laser, Han's laser, letter, Weiyuan, Heng Rui, China Haida, Fuji, William, Rongda, fly xetar fields national electronic equipment in benchmarking enterprises. Display size of 22500 square meters, production equipment, intelligent display SMT connection equipment and peripheral equipment, automation technology, power technology, electronic tools, electronic equipment, components and other exhibits reflect the ability of current electronic equipment manufacturing industry of our country, especially alone that is: this exhibition also features the world advanced technology level has our country electronic equipment industry in advanced packaging technology, touch screen capacitor technology and fluid equipment technology etc..

China Electronic Equipment Industry Expo is a commitment to promoting China's electronic equipment industry exposition; is a set of high-end equipment industry at home and abroad to exchange the platform of Expo; is an expansion of domestic demand, boost the new economic growth point of our exposition. Therefore, the Expo Organizing Committee Special vigorously invited BYD, Konka, SKYWORTH, ZTE, Foxconn, Huawei, Fiberhome, Flextronics, Canon, Ba Ke, a the Great Wall computer, step by step, significantly higher more than 1000 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises purchasing groups to visit the procurement.

Around “ to support the national equipment, increase independent supporting, stimulating market demand ” theme, the exhibition organizing committee in China power supply society, China Electronic Instrument Industry Association anti-static branch, support Guangdong Electronic Institute SMT Committee, Shenzhen Robot Association, the Shenzhen city's semiconductor lighting industry development association, the global IC procurement network co units, careful planning of “ 2013 China Electronic Equipment Industry Expo opening ceremony, ” “ SMT new technology, new technology, new product launches, ” “ Shenzhen City Electronic Equipment Industry Association members of the general assembly, ” “ 2013 China power industry trends report, ” “ 2013 the fourth Shenzhen industrial robot technology and application of &rdquo, &ldquo Forum; China; electronic equipment the most innovative award ceremony, ”   “ China Electrical Equipment Industrial Design Awards ceremony, ” “ government funded project policy briefing, ” “ Chinese electronic manufacturing outstanding entrepreneur awards ” 2013, “ electronic components application developers and distributors docking ” second, “ power distribution Product sourcing fair ” and many other exciting activities, the activities of the relevant government departments, experts, entrepreneurs and workers to actively participate in and support, its influence and significance has been widely recognized and praise.


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