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The August 22nd Zhengzhou conference is successful

In August 22, 2013, Futurelooks,Controlease,Axiomtek joint partner Henan Xuanyuan, AIA Henan high tech Zone in Zhengzhou Guanghua Le Grand Large Hotel jointly held the "information times industrial control communication" system and industrial network conference following the Xi'an unpopular, again unpopular, the original plan limit 120 people seminar, seat a plus plus, there was more than 180 people. Except Zhengzhou, drove million kilometers, from Luoyang, Xinxiang, Xuchang, Jiaozuo and other places, equipment manufacturers and system integrators to come to attend the meeting also many, involving industry, textile machinery, forging machine, petroleum machinery, heavy machinery, food machinery, boiler, electric power, water and other industries.

 This is a professional point of view to share control information at one time and from the configuration software, industrial network communication and computer, switches, zero distance observation event industrial control industry.

The process and content, is divided into five parts, the firstis from self media in 2012 China Automation Market Review and outlook in 2013, the first half of 2013 and anew. For many domestic and foreign industrialmanufacturers, performance generally fell in 2013, sincethe media market research department at the end of 2012,had the analysis of the decline, which belongs to theinternal injuries, unlike the 2009 trauma, recovery will be slower.
The three part middle: Controlease information era industrial software development and easy control characteristics; Futurelooks industrial wireless communication and remote communication system technology research; Axiomtek IPC and industrial switch product and technology.
Controlease information era industrial software development and easy control characteristics, with many years of experience in the development history of configuration software, detailing the configuration software, and control software to lead the characteristics of Controlease. Easy to control, easy to use, based on the.Net platform, stable and reliable, not crash not blue screen, WPF, WCF technology brings beautiful graphics and action. After years of deliberation, a new generation of large-scale integrated automation monitoring, such as subway integrated monitoring SCADA, environment, energy and other large monitoring data center, large manufacturing group distributed plant centralized monitoring of the new software, will be officially released in 2014. Now the user, to not only a single product, the demand is more of the system as a whole solution to the problem, the software is the key technology and value-added application layer the highest.
Futurelooks industrial wireless communication and remote communication system technology research topic, firstly talked about the status of industrial development of wireless communications, and the use of users. Secondly, for industrial equipment, why need to select the remote, as well as the game far distance and traditional many solutions are different, to do a detailed explanation, with participants in many remote demand grow with each passing day trip, travel and labor cost pressures, informatization is the route one must take. Exhibition information, for equipment manufacturers, save a lot of cost, obvious effect brings the information, customer success stories match away to resonate, this way, the new technology is also Futurelooks information technology brings to whole industry.
Axiomtek IPC and industrial switch product and technology lecture topics, from Taiwan Aixun regional director Mr. Shen Yuchang and share with 23  years Aixun industrial control computer and switch products, AI in Europe and the United States sales and market are higher than the Chinese market. After AI share IPC and switch product characteristics of professional, in the wisdom of the earth business opportunity, also brought to Europe and the United States M2M information, and the application of AI in the embedded computer products to do a detailed explanation, to stimulate the user discussion at the scene, and the scene further questioning rBOX details, IPC palm size caused the high attention of users.
Tea break time, bursting at the seams in the field, product exhibition, consultation and discussion of the public.
Then, by the end of a link, share industrial life occupation planning.


The meeting in the spiritual food rich food, material sufficient dinner, in the old and new friends farewell be reluctant to part, gradually falls next heavy curtain. While the new cooperation, will be a new day, like the morning sun rising.


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