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Digital input and output module of SY-RDIO version of the release

SY-RDIO is a wireless digital communication module is an industrial grade, can capture and output digital quantity, and the host computer for wireless data communication, or through the wireless reduction for digital signal of the original, can adapt to all kinds of point to point, point to multipoint wireless data transmission through wireless way, has completely isolated the danger signal, transceiver, convenient installation, easy to use, cost-effective, stable and reliable.

SY-RDIO can be widely used in remote wireless data acquisition, control system of various data, in the rotation, moving and not convenient wiring occasions, such as rotary filling equipment, AGV, high speed wire machine, loading and unloading equipment, robots etc..

A new generation of SY-RDIO, high level input 24VDC, output transistors 24VDC, response speed more quickly. The configuration can be wired serial, can also be configured via the wireless communication module, simple. When the environment temperature, wide temperature, operating temperature: -35 ℃ ~ +75℃(industrial grade). According to the transmission of digital content is different, can be divided into: SY-RDIO-22, SY-RDIO-44, SY-RDIO-88; transmission rate: 9600, 19200bps; 16 standard communication channel.

A new generation of SY-RDIO, supporting the use of PLC will be more convenient, through the built-in protocol, can read and write to SY-RDIO. Acquisition mode, set the software, one to one mode, more feature rich, etc. the user experience and application.

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