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The 2013 tour finale seminar in manufacturing industry are held in Dongguan



In October 22, 2013, Futurelooks,Controlease,Axiomtek launch "information era of industrial control systems and industrial network communication information seminar" 2013 national tour seminars, the annual grand final station ended in the Exhibition International Hotel Dongguan. Seminar on Dongguan, all seats are occupied. The venue, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, equipment manufacturers and system integrators from Hubei far, with demand for information technology, for domestic brand recognition, support and trust to the venue to participate in the discussion. The world brand of Dongguan manufacturing, manufacturing industry developed rather than goods, equipment manufacturing industry is enormous, the participants from different industries, there are cable machinery, shoes machine, textile machinery, plastic machinery, logistics equipment, painting equipment, lithium batteries, environmental protection printing, a discussion of how to improve information technology, the intelligent and information development, build the equipment and system very competitive.

Fig. 1 conference, the audience attention
Fig. 2 industrial market share information (data: since the media)
The meeting begin first by Futurelooks automation of Mr. Wu Yiyu from the macro to do the analysis Chinese industrial market (data from the professional industrial media -- since the media market research department), according to the development state of PLC, DCS, industrial control computer, configuration software and high voltage frequency conversion and other products to do the analysis of the overall market, at the same time, the past thirty years into the stage of development, light industry and heavy industry development stage, characteristic of each stage, and the development status of the industry, such as packaging machinery, municipal, railway traffic, robot, new energy industry to do the analysis. OEM industry in 2012 faced tremendous pressure, different from the 2008 financial crisis, this belongs to the "internal", recovery is slow, facing transformation and upgrading.








Fig.3Controlease Mrs.Liang describes the application layer software development trend in Information Era



Industrial networking three layer structure to include the application layer, network layer and the sensing layer from top. Beijing Controlease is the domestic configuration software of well-known manufacturers, easy to control configuration software is based on the.NETPlatform, lead the development trend of configuration software. Controlease sales director Ms. Liang Ling to share the development of the market and technical trends of automation software, at the same time, we introduced a easy control characteristics of configuration software, simple and easy to use, stable and reliable, and each industry network in matters in industrial application. After years of deliberation, a new generation of large-scale integrated automation monitoring, such as subway integrated monitoringSCADANew cloud platform, software environment, energy and other large monitoring data center, large manufacturing group distributed plant centralized monitoring, will be in the2014 Years of official release, based on.NetPlatform, can be seamlessly connected toWin7\Win86464 bit system, also let the scene of many of the old customers very much looking forward to. Now the user, to not only a single product, the demand is more of the system as a whole solution to the problem, the software is the key technology and value-added application layer the highest.
Fig.Futurelooks Mr.Wu share of industrial remote communication and wireless communication technology and system
With the development of the information age, the remote communication and network communication is essential, is also the physical network layer network. Remote communication is far focus on PLC, HMI and servo, remote on-line diagnosis equipment, security equipment. Futurelooks automation Mr. Wu Yiyu around the “ equipment manufacturers why to use remote ” and remote bring value, combined with multiple industry customer needs and feedback, and Southern China manufacturers the shared information and intelligent systems. Many match Dongguan far users are said to have agreed. One of the senior technical experts engaged in plastic machinery mentioned, equipment export maintenance, personnel caused by insufficient service does not follow to go up, to solve the problem after sale service, for equipment manufacturers to improve service information level, but also in the homogenization of serious competition today to enhance competitiveness. The manufacturing industry of Dongguan has been brilliant, is now facing the transformation, intelligent, informatization is the inevitable direction, competition in information technology brings the latest technology to the whole industry.
Axiomtek Mr.Ji share of industrial control computer and industrial switches etc.
The bottom layer is the perception of things, such asPLCHMIThe NC system, servo, such as, exchange and processing these data cannot do without industrial switches and industrial control computer. Taiwan Aixun Auto1990Years begin to focus on industrial control machine R & D and sales, especially sales in Europe and the United States is very good, excellent quality. Computer embedded systemeBOXAt the scene, the audience, surprised to see only a palm size, but also super strong, engaged in a mining system integration engineer mentioned, high integration degree, help to reduce the dust, mist into the motherboard, high reliability. Axiomtek sales director Mr. Ji Weili shared some application of IPC, industrial switches in the era of information to everyone, the railway informatization application such as Europe and the United States the wisdom of the earth, Axiomtek tBOXHas the characteristics of low power consumption, wide temperature, and track certification. In the high-speed railway, intelligent lighting control station, base station, power plant, sewage treatment plant, water supply sector, Axiomtek also has extensive application. Finally, the season mentionedM2MOpportunities like pushing train or by train, the train is not moving, the best way is to train in the walk, you jumped in the car. IOT era, more than100Million innovation intelligence service deployment projects, you jumped on the train.?
Fig.Participants carefully and various manufacturers technical discussion
Carefully prepared the speaker and speech, let each one eager to pursue new technology industry friends, feel good, have after the break when and seminars, came to the prototype before discussion on technical scheme, communicate, discuss, and speaker of the exchange name cards, manufacturers also do one one solutions to the customers.
The meeting was impressed to enrich, novel to the participants, that 2014 will be held in more than 15 games in the national conference, engineers said, will notify their classmates and friends, if held at the local, must participate in the. Good sharing, to can let a person worthy of recommendation reputation, visible seminar content quite wonderful!
China's industrial brand, is grow sturdily!
At the end of the meeting, a part of the game far Mr Wu Yiyu, with 16 years of automation industry background and has a plurality of post industry experience, to all friends present industrial share valuable industrial occupation development and planning, many friends of great benefit. Limited time and space, and only part of the participants had a group photo taken, let the picture frames in the beautiful moment.


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