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Futurelooks professional remote information solutions shine in the Expo

November 9, 2013 is the fifteenth session of the Chinaindustry fair the last day, 1979 exhibitors from 25 countriesand regions and more than 110000 professional audiencewitnessed the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry's most influential brand exhibition.


The 2013 China Expo is since 1999 the largest one, for 5 consecutive days, the Expo 15 exhibition halls, lively and extraordinary: machines roar, each shows special prowess,CNC machine tools and Metalworking Exhibition reflectmanufacturing international first-class level; giant Qi scene,new frequency distribution, industrial automation to active atmosphere; industrial development, thinking the renovation, environmental protection and technology showa thriving; wireless Internet, cloud swirling, information and communication technology exhibition depicting the "smart city" picture; advanced concept, looking to the future, the new energy and power electronics show dedicated togreen development; comfort and environmental protection,with the efficiency and saving the coexistence, energy saving and new energy vehicles exhibition focus oncutting-edge technology; robot show together technology,actively participate in the audience, the industrial robot first separate the opening bustling; universities gathering, anew buildings, science and technology innovation area full of youthful spirit; the Chinese people "flying dream" with extraordinary strength, aerospace technology show people such as weaving.












The five day of the Chinese industry exhibition attracted a lot of visitors


 Futurelooks automation, in the W1 C107 showed a comprehensive system solutions for industrial remote communication and industrial wireless communication, the topological structure, application and technical point of view, respectively, described in detail and the real display of remote and wireless, computer adopts Inspec configuration software and easily controlled, flat AI based operation, operation of Protection Center for remote equipment machine, printing, packaging and other industries, has attracted many equipment manufacturers attention of visitors.











Futurelooks booth, pay attention to the public



Futurelooks also exhibited two upgraded and new products, SY-NC2 protocol converter and wireless digital communication module SY-RDIO, performance more stable, reliable, customer will be more convenient to use.














Remote and wireless products exhibition








Remote products exhibition




 Industrial fair, since new friends understand the opportunities, but also the opportunity to meet old friends. In the Futurelooks booth, new and old friends often have a joyous gathering, communication has great value of information sharing.




The Futurelooks's old and new friends A



The Futurelooks's old and new friends B



The Futurelooks's old and new friends C




The Futurelooks's old and new friends D





 Futurelooks's strategic partner Beijing Controlease, to show the configuration software and embedded plate system




Futurelooks's strategic partner Taiwan Axiomtek IPC, switches and other products exhibition


The Expo, more the whole solution form, information, intelligence is the mainstream, in the impact of industrial 4, automation Alliance China Version of the smart Factory 1 and overall solutions under development, research and display information chemical factory. Futurelooks,Controlease,Axiomtek will continue in 2014 through the national tour research, present industrial control communication system and industrial network information age's overall solutions to our customers, at the same time will provide the latest information to equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

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